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How to care for: Calathea

We take it you've seen the fantastic calathea that are available on the market? Well here's some tips on picking the best calathea for your home.

Calathea are a little needy, and need the right conditions to thrive.



Plant above: Calathea Orbiflora

The above Calathea, Calathea Orbiflora is a beautiful statement plant, which will do best in medium to low light. Don't place this plant in full sunshine as it will get it's leaves burnt. This goes for most of the other Calathea's that we sell. 

Calathea's like a warm humid environment and won't thrive if there are any drafts or sudden changes in temperature. If you find that the leaves on your Calathea begin to curl or get brown spots, you can mist them with lukewarm filtered water. 

One of our favourite Calathea's is The Calathea Whitestar.  This pink tint on the leaves is a great bonus of this striking plant. We also like the leaf shape of this plant as it moves slightly with the different light levels. 

The best way to water a Calathea is from the bottom, as with all the plants we sell. We would recommend using a saucer and if the plant pot has drainage holes make sure it can sit in the saucer and let the plant absorb as much water as it needs.

Don't allow the plant to sit in water as this will harm the plant and could lead to root rot.  

Plant above: Calathea Whitestar


To continue the theme of the striped leaves, you may have seen the Calathea Ornata - which we think if we didn't know better, it looks as if there was pink tippex drawn onto the leaves. 

This Calathea needs the general care tips, and will need regularly feeding with plant nutrients to keep up the highly pigmented leaves. 

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