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Carnivorous Plants

I recently bought some basil in a pot from the supermarket because they were in the discount section.  It was cheaper than buying than the cut herbs in a package.  I took them home, split the pot and repotted into two pots so they could flourish.  After about a week, I noticed little fungus gnats. Not unusual when buying store herbs in pots in my experience.  They are annoying and kind of gross to look at.  I know there are a dozen of ways to get rid of them, but instead of replacing the soil or spraying some sort of organic pest control, I decided to get some carnivorous plants.  I got a trio: Venus flytrap, Pitcher Plant and a Sundew.

I did some homework because I do not have too much experience with them, so I am determined to keep them alive. Carnivorous plants are an amazing work of nature.  They receive all their nutrients from the insects they eat so no fertilizer required.  I do use rainwater and keep their soil very damp by watering from underneath to emulate the boggy environment they are adapted to.  I have not had them for a full season, but it is the winter I am concerned about so keep an eye for an update in the Spring.  I read on Tom’s Carnivores website that they need the cold and short days to go dormant and the leaves will go black and die back.  I know I am going to hate that, but I shall persevere.

I placed my “Trio” around the herbs and after a day I only saw a few lone surviving gnats probably wondering where their flying friends were.  I do not know if the Pitcher Plant ate as I could not really see down their mouths.  The Venus Flytrap I am assuming was not hungry (I have had to artificially feed this since– gross), but the Sundew was littered with winged carcasses.  It is a bit disturbing, but so satisfying to see the number of insects that were caught in their sticky tentacles knowing they were at one time swarming about my basil.  I felt (I know I am a but crazy) happy knowing I did not use any chemicals and was feeding another plant baby. 

FYI, I made a tomato basil marinara sauce and added extra basil.


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