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Jasmine - The must have plant of 2022!

Jasmine: This Year’s Must Have Plant

If you’ve been looking for a sweetly scented plant that looks glorious all year round, then look no further. House of Kojo have got your back (as always!) because this Friday we’ll be stocking up with this year’s must have plant - the delightful Jasmine. Perfect for indoor or outdoor!

This beauty bears dark, glossy evergreen foliage which stands out against its masses of small star shaped white flowers. From late winter to spring, its flowers produce deliciously sweet aromas, especially at night. It’s so fragrant that its aromas have been known to pack an almighty punch to the nose, acting as a natural air freshener!

How to take care of Jasmine 

This one is widely known for being a vigorous climber! So, we would recommend supporting your Jasmine with a trellis. Around this time of year, your Jasmine would appreciate being placed in a cooler spot in the home, in a well-lit room or located in close range of a South facing window. It needs good air circulation to help encourage its vibrant moonlight white flowers, especially during the winter months! During the warmer months, however, it will cope just fine with a hot summer’s day.

While the Jasmine is in bloom it will appreciate plenty of water. It likes its soil kept moist most of the time, especially when in flowering season. However, it won’t enjoy being left sitting in drenched or soggy conditions. So always check the moisture of the soil before watering.

When growing Jasmine indoors, consider pruning it quite frequently as this one is known for being a wild grower. It won’t harm to prune it, especially at the beginning of the spring season. Don’t let its angelic aesthetic deceive you, because in the right conditions, this plant can last in the home for a very long time.

A touch of fertilising won’t harm a Jasmine houseplant. From late spring to autumn, consider feeding your Jasmine a standard house plant liquid feed every couple of weeks. This will enable good plant health all year round!

Don't forget Jasmine can of course also be grown outdoors! Plant your Jasmine in your garden in a warm sheltered location. All jasmine plants prefer lightly shaded areas with well-draining and moderately fertile soil.They are a great climber so would be perfect grown up a wall or fence. 

Read more at Gardening Know How: Growing Jasmine Plant: Information For Growing And Care Of A Jasmine Vine https://www.gardeningknowhow.com/ornamental/flowers/jasmine/growing-jasmine-plants.htm

TGIKF – Thank God its Kojo Friday, soon! We’ve got plenty of Jasmine polyanthum arriving this Friday, and its likely not to stick around. We encourage you all to experience the wonderful and amazing Jasmine this year, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for our Kojo Friday offer!

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    Hi. I would love to buy a jasmine. Are you going to have some more in stock?

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