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Why I Love My Plants and Dog

One afternoon I was watering my plants and Luna, our Staffy came to lay at my feet to watch me.  I unconsciously started to have a one-way conversation with them.  I started to tell Luna that after I was finished checking out the moisture status of the soil, I would take her for a much-desired walk in the park.  It seems that it is a normal occurrence and I started to ask myself if I was becoming like my mother.

I do not need to explain how this year has been a strange one.  It has been stressful in so many ways that I am sure your list is as long as mine.  But it has also given me a chance to breathe in a way that I have not done.  One way is my daily ritual of inspecting my indoor jungle of plants with my dog at my side.

Aside from the health benefits that houseplants provide such as purifying the air and producing oxygen, I find that tending to them has given me a way to decompress mentally and physically.  The different textures and colours have given my home a new dimension.  I enjoy this ritual of nurturing my plants babies and having Luna there sniffing gives me a comfort I never would have imagined.

Most of the houseplants I have are pet friendly such as my spider plants, prayer plants and Boston fern (basic I know, but you should see how they have grown!), but I also have plants like begonias, aloes and jade plants that I leave high up so Luna can’t reach them.  I do let her sniff them to feed her curiosity and I would like to think she would have enough sense not to eat them, but why tempt her.  Luna will patiently wait while I do my plant maintenance.  I sometimes think she feels more relaxed around plants because very often I find her lounging with them.

Even if I am becoming like my mother, I figure that at the end of the day would that be so bad, LOL? 

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