Zoom Caladium Bulbs Mixed Bag x5

Caladium Bulbs Mixed Bag x5


Caladium Bulb Mixed Bag x5

This listing is for bulbs not the full plants, the image on the listing is an example of how the plants can grow. Sold by 5. 

Includes - 

x1 Allure

x1 Carolyn Whorton

x1 Carousel

x1 Summer Breeze 

x1 Red Flash

Bulbs will be labelled separately. 

Suitable to be potted in a 12-17cm pot. 

Caladiums are the plant of the moment, their big showy leaves and bright colours and patterns make them fantastically unique! 

How to pot your bulbs

Caladiums will be happy in all purpose potting mix. Fill your pot up 2/3rds of soil. Then place the bulb (right side up) onto the soil, cover the bulb with soil until the pot is full.
Give the bulb a good amount of water. Place your potted bulb in a spot with enough warmth and light. At the stage of germination you can put it in a south facing window or greenhouse.

When to pot your bulbs

Caladiums are tropical plants and enjoy the warmth. Creating a warm environment is key in letting your bulbs sprout. If you put your bulbs in a greenhouse you can start potting in early spring (March/April). If not wait until the temperatures are a bit higher (late April/May). Depending on the conditions it can take 4-10 weeks for your bulb to sprout.

Caladium Bulbs Mixed Bag x5

Caladium Bulbs Mixed Bag x5