Corporate Gifting

Rewarding corporate gifting

Indoor Plants offer the perfect gift for team members or clients. Their longevity in the home or office leaves a long-lasting appreciative impact. We have a vast selection of plants, or you can send a gift card. This lets you choose a budget that works for your business. Each gift will contain a personalised message card, which has been used to promote product launches and also invites by previous clients.

Flexible payment terms and invoicing is available.

Team gifting

The relationships we see inside companies are changing and for the better. Employers want a team and not a work force. Corporate gifting for team members is appreciated by the receiver. It could be a thank you for their hard work, a birthday gift or just recognition for what the individual brings to the company. Plants are well known to boost productivity and happiness, so a house plant you give, can give you something back. 

Client gifting

A great way to say thank you is with a gift. At House of Kojo we understand the importance of customer retention, and a gift that stays in the home is the perfect reminder to your clients of what great customer service you have. It holds the customers attention and can be a great way to rebuild customer relations if needed.

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