YME x Growtropicals Grey Oyster Mushroom Kits - House of Kojo
YME x Growtropicals Grey Oyster Mushroom Kits - House of Kojo
YME x Growtropicals Grey Oyster Mushroom Kits - House of Kojo
YME x Growtropicals Grey Oyster Mushroom Kits - House of Kojo
YME x Growtropicals Grey Oyster Mushroom Kits - House of Kojo
YME x Growtropicals Grey Oyster Mushroom Kits - House of Kojo

YME x Growtropicals Grey Oyster Mushroom Kits

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🌿 Product Information

We're delighted to announce we've teamed up with our sister brand Growtropicals and Leeds locals, Yorkshire Mushroom Emporium (YME), to offer a limited edition Grey Oyster Mushroom grow kit just in time for Christmas. This is the perfect present for anyone with an interest in growing (and eating) amazing mushrooms!

How does the kit work?

YME's role:

  • YME inoculate straw, woodchip and coffee with grey oyster mushroom spawn
  • The mixture is incubated in the YME farm for two weeks until the mushroom spawn has colonised the mixture

Your role

  • Cut a hole in the box around the dotted line and then cut a ‘X’ in the plastic bag underneath.
  • Place the kit in a room with natural light
  • Using a spray bottle, water the kit once per day and wait 7-10 days for the mushrooms to grow
  • When the mushroom caps start to flatten, they are ready to pick - visit the YME Instagram and Facebook pages to see examples
  • Pick the mushrooms by twisting or cutting them where the stem meets the block
  • To maximise the growth of successive crops, remove the block from the cardboard box, soak in a bucket of water overnight, drain and return to the box.
  • Each kit produces approximately 500 – 600g of mushrooms over several crops

Why Choose Grey Oyster Mushrooms?

  • Unique Flavor Profile: Grey oyster mushrooms boast a distinctive taste that combines earthiness with a hint of sweetness. Their velvety texture and delicate aroma make them a perfect addition to a wide range of culinary creations and make from a meat substitutue 
  • Abundant Nutritional Benefits: Not only do grey oyster mushrooms tantalize your taste buds, but they also offer an array of health benefits. Packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, these mushrooms provide a nourishing boost to your diet. Incorporate them into your meals for a healthy and flavorful twist
  • Versatility in Cooking: Grey oyster mushrooms are incredibly versatile in the kitchen. They can be sautéed, grilled, roasted, or used raw in salads. Their meaty texture makes them a fantastic vegetarian substitute for meat, adding depth and richness to plant-based dishes.
  • Fun and Educational: Growing oyster mushrooms is a rewarding and educational experience for individuals of all ages. Witness the fascinating transformation from mycelium to mushrooms, and gain a deeper understanding of the natural processes that drive mushroom cultivation. It's a hands-on activity that connects you with nature and promotes self-sufficiency.

Storage and postage

  • The grow kits are living organisms and should be opened as soon as possible.
  • The kit can be stored for up to 4 weeks if refrigerated / stored in a cool dark place (please see the kit for a used before date on the kit)
  • The mushrooms are likely to start growing out of the box after if not opened before the used by date
  • YME guarantee all kits produce at least 1 crop of mushrooms (usually produce 2-3 harvests)
  • Please contact us at if you need any help growing your mushrooms

Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit Full Instructions

What’s in the box?  

The grow kits contains everything you need to grow delicious oyster mushrooms in the comfort of your own home.  

Please note: the kit is a living organism with a life cycle that culminates in producing mushrooms. This can be slowed down for a few weeks by keeping the box cool but eventually mushrooms will grow out of the closed box! For storage a fridge would be ideal, but anywhere that is below 10 degrees C (celsius) will be okay. We still advise a use by date, which you can find on the bottom of the box. 

How does it work?  

YME have prepared the highest quality oyster mushroom substrate block from natural ingredients (British straw, waste coffee grounds, wood shavings and fungi spawn) in the low-tech, environmentally friendly YME mushroom farm just 1 mile from Leeds city centre. 

YME incubate the substrate blocks for two weeks in a dark, temperature controlled environment (the boring bit) so all that’s left is for you to give the fungi some fresh air and moisture, then sit back and watch those mushies grow!  

Preparing your Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit  

You will need:   Sharp knife or scissors  - Spray bottle (an old cleaning spray bottle works great)   

  • Using a sharp knife or scissors, carefully cut out the perforated circle in the cardboard, exposing the plastic grow bag below.  
  • Hold the grow kit firmly and use a knife to make 2 x 7 cm cuts in the plastic in the shape of a cross or ‘X’ - exposing the substrate block to the air. Leave the plastic flaps in place if possible, as this will help to create a humid environment, which promotes mushroom formation. 
  • Place the kit upright (the little mushroom logo will be on top) in a position that receives natural light but not direct sunlight, and some general ventilation. The kit is designed to be used indoors and will be happy at any room temperature. 
  • A good position could be on a kitchen counter, in a hallway, on a coffee table or on a windowsill facing away from the sun, even a bathroom a bedroom!  

The growing stage 

  • Water with the spray bottle once or twice a day, making the exposed substrate visibly moist. 
  • Once mushrooms start to appear, try to just spray the substrate, not the mushrooms. When they grow to a size which makes this difficult you can stop watering the kit. 
  • Every kit is different and can take from 1 – 2 weeks to produce mushrooms ready for harvest. 
  • You can expect to start seeing the primordia/pinning (mushrooms appearing as tiny pin heads) after 4 - 7 days, sometimes longer. 
  • Once the pins are formed the mushrooms will double in size every 24 hours and will be ready to harvest after 3 – 7 days. 

Harvesting your Oyster Mushrooms  

  • The mushrooms will grow with the edges of their caps turned down, gradually moving upwards. Try to harvest them just as the caps start to flatten out. 
  • To harvest, grab the mushroom cluster with two hands close to the base of the stem and twist firmly to release them from the substrate block. Alternatively, you can use a sharp knife to cut off the cluster of mushrooms at the base of the stem. 
  • They are best used as quickly as possible, but they can keep well in the fridge for 7 days. Lightly cover a bowl or Tupperware with some greaseproof paper or kitchen roll. 

And finally... 

  • Take a picture of your growing kit or a meal you’ve made with the mushrooms and tag us on social media! @growtropicals @yorkshiremushroomemporium  
  • If the mushrooms are still being shy after 2 weeks, please contact us via email (yorkshiremushroomemporium@gmail.com) and we will help you coax them out. 

 Want to get more for your money?  

60% of the mushrooms come from the first flush (harvest), but multiple flushes are possible.  

  • After harvesting your mushrooms, give the kit a few days rest before removing the substrate block from the cardboard grow box, keeping it in the plastic grow bag.  
  • Rehydrate the kit by placing the bag opening side down in a bucket of tap water overnight. You may need to place something heavy on top as the kit is buoyant. 
  • Leave the block to drain for a few hours then return it to the cardboard box, in its previous growing position. 
  • Water with the spray bottle once or twice a day, making the exposed substrate visibly moist until mushrooms start to appear. 


The size listed is the diameter of the nursery pot. To ensure your decorative pot fits the plant, ensure the diameter is at least 2cm larger than the nursery pot size.

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