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Caring for your caladiums through Winter

Bright, beautiful and eccentric is one way of describing the strikingly aesthetic paper-thin leaves on a caladium. Also known as ‘Elephants’ Ear’ or ‘Heart of Jesus’, owed to their typically large arrowhead or heart-shaped leaves, caladiums have fast become a popular ornamental piece in homes, adding instant colour and drama to any room. Each leaf appears to have been intricately hand painted with vibrant displays of green, white, pink and red, so it’s hardly surprising that these plants have become a firm favourite amongst House of Kojo fans.

Originally from South America, caladiums thrive in hot, humid weather, but given the right conditions, can be grown as summer bulbs in more temperamental climates. With little pampering and fuss, many of you have been enjoying watching your House of Kojo caladium bulbs sprout and flourish over the past few months, and we loved seeing your progress pictures on Instagram.

Summer is certainly not over yet, but with the autumnal months approaching on the horizon, why not start preparing for spring/summer 2022 with our handsome 10 caladium bulbs for £10 offer here at House of Kojo - what a bargain!

Although caladiums are practically sun worshipers, there are ways to care for your bulbs during the cold winter months and let’s be realistic, unfortunately we do not live in a climate where we could abandon our bulbs to fend for themselves all winter to then grow back in the spring! Therefore, our bulbs are better protected kept indoors in the warmth. Once temperatures start to permanently drop below 15 °C, is when it would be wise to create a safe winter haven for your bulb. This can be created by filling a cardboard box with either Dried Spanish Moss or Peat Free Eco Coir Compost, combined with other dry materials such as newspaper, sand or sawdust, ensuring all packaging tools are completely dry. Once your cardboard box is beginning to look full, loosely add your caladium bulbs leaving plenty of space between them. Find a comfy, dark and dry location in your house, perhaps on a shelf or in a cupboard, and leave you bulbs to relax in a temperature of around 15 °C.

Your bulbs will require little maintenance over winter but be sure they are not exposed to water or moisture during dormancy as this could potentially lead to bulb rot. No harm would come from checking on your bulbs a few times over this period of dormancy, just to ensure they are not moulding or drying out too much. With little to zero maintenance, by the time spring 2022 rocks up, your 10 for £10 caladium bulbs should be good to go!

Alternatively, for the existing caladium owners, we would recommend digging up your bulb with the foliage still attached and placing your plants in a cool, dark area for 2 to 3 weeks. After this time, your bulbs should be ready for dormancy and its foliage should be trimmed. Remove any soil from the bulb and follow the advice above to ensure your bulb is ready to flourish again for 2022’s warmer months.

There’s no excuse, fill your homes with beautiful caladiums – search ‘caladium’ on our website for this excellent bulb offer.

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  • Vikki Pomfrey

    Thanks for the advice for over wintering. I purchased your bargain pack and have been overwhelmed with the colours and forms of the leaves. Quite a display! Let’s hope we can save for next year.

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