House of Kojo Gift Guide: 2022

House of Kojo Gift Guide: 2022

Gifting plants with House of Kojo is an easy way for you to send a present without worrying about size or colour.  We have several different options available to you such as gift cards, subscriptions or even a plant of your choosing with a personalised note enclosed. 


Be kind

A plant can be a constant reminder to your recipient of your kindness.  Unlike a beautiful bouquet which will last a short amount of time, a plant can last for months if not years.  Chocolate and wine are perfect housewarming gifts, but are they going to grow big and fill up that space on the shelf?  Scented candles leave a lingering smell, but can they purify the air?  Every time your recipient pass by their plant gift will remind them of your thoughtfulness for that special occasion.  House of Kojo have a variety of plants suitable for beginners (devils ivy) to experts (calathea white fusion), all of which will remind your recipient that it was a gift from you specifically chosen with them in mind.

Economical and Eco-Friendly

Houseplants as a gift is an eco-friendly and economical way of showing you care.  Many flowers in bouquets are sourced from Africa and South America which are flown into flower shops around the world only to be placed in a compost heap a week later.  An indoor plant is able to take the carbon dioxide in the air and produce oxygen and can live for a long time.  Water for a bouquet is used to prolong the life of some cut flowers unlike water for a plant which is necessary to sustain life. Some plants produce lovely and unique flowers that would never be seen in a bouquet.  Have you seen the flowers Hoya’s produce? Amazing!!!  House of Kojo

Suitable for all

House of Kojo have plants suitable for all price ranges.  There are different shapes and sizes and even a pet friendly section to make it easy to choose a gift.  Throw in a pot with your plant and rest assured that all of it will be packed with special attention.  Don’t forget to let us know what message you would like to include with your bespoke gift knowing we would choose your gift with as much attention as you would.  House of Kojo use recyclable boxes and compostable packaging filler.  We care about the environment as much as you do.

Big Plant Energy

A gift of a living plant from House of Kojo means you are wishing them positive energy, creativity and good health. Keeping plants have been great for mental and physical health and fits in with a busy life style.  House of Kojo plants come in colours and sizes to instantly enhance any home. Flowers are the perfect way to show someone you are thinking of them. A houseplant says that you care about their health, their happiness and the planet.

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