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How to prepare your house plants for Winter

  • Give your plants plenty of natural light, this can be difficult through the winter period as the amount of natural light that comes into your house is short so you will need to be prepared to move your plants around your home where there is natural light.
  • Watch how much water you give your plants during the winter, most of the time people give their plants too much water, especially if your plants are stored in a greenhouse for an example. Also make sure you don't just check the top of the soil to see if your plants need watering again because some plants need to dry out fully before they next need watering, so go down a few inches to see if the soil is dry.
  • Watch the temperature of the room your plants are kept in, a lot of house plants come from tropical countries, so some house plants need to be kept at a higher temperature than others, the recommended temperature is anywhere from 12 degrees Celsius to 29 degrees Celsius.
  • Pruning and re-potting your plants can be important during the winter period, this depends on what type of plants you have for example succulents tend not to need much pruning if any, however if your house plant is a type of Philodendron or an ivy then the winter period is the right time to prune them. Re-potting your plants could happen during this time, this also depends on what type of plants you have. For example succulents plants tend not to need re-potting, but for example any plants that can grow like a Ficus or similar then this is the time where you re pot them so they will be ready to start budding and growing when spring comes around.
  • Watch for pests, during the winter period the increased heat from heaters, lack of natural light and the increase of humidity can all lead up to pests. Pests are things like spider mites, fungus gnats, and mealybugs. The way you can prevent this from happening to your plants during the winter period is by using a spray called SB Plant Invigorator which we have for sale on the website. Just use this by spraying on the leaves of your plant.

     Enjoy the winter period and let your plants enjoy it too!!

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