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Re-potting & preparing your plants for Spring!

A little guide on how to prep your houseplants for this year’s growing season…

Congratulations, everyone!

The excellent news is that we’re officially halfway through January. We’re slowly (but surely!) approaching the springtime growing season like a bunch of excellent plant parents just trying to get through the dark and cold winter months.

As spring officially begins on the 20th of March this year, we’ve got just under two months to start preparing our houseplants for their growth spurt season. Repotting your houseplants may seem like a daunting task if you don’t know where to start, but it doesn’t have to be! So, to make your life as a plant parent a bit easier, I’ve assembled a little guide on how to lovingly prepare your houseplants for them to thrive and survive this springtime.

Step one: Repotting

Identify which houseplants in your collection need repotting. This is an important part of the prepping process, so take note! You can infer a lot of information about your plants health and wellbeing by checking their roots. So, first things first, check its root structure. If you notice roots visibly peeking out from the drainage holes or through the soil top, then its’s time to repot. Also, look out for densely, overcrowded roots, as this indicates your houseplant would benefit from being in a bigger sized pot. In the meantime, do what you need to do so you don’t forget which houseplants will need repotting!

Alternatively, if you want to encourage your plants yearly glow-up, it’s always wise to repot a year or two after purchase.

Step two: Go potty for pots

There’s no better feeling than being organised, so why not start to think about what tools you will need to successfully repot your houseplants. The whole purpose of repotting is to provide your plant more space to expand its roots. However, be careful of sizing your pot up too much as this could be a recipe for disaster. Ideally, the new pot should be only slightly bigger than the current pot. Roughly two finger spaces larger in diameter should do the trick! If you go too big with your pot, your plant is in danger of developing shock, leading to yellow, shrivelled and sad leaves.

Step three: Sort your soil

You’ve got your pots purchased, now it’s time to get your soil sorted. To guarantee your houseplants have the ultimate springtime glow-up, repot them using high-quality, fresh soil. Using fresh soil in the repotting process is guaranteed to replenish your plants nutrients and promote healthy root growth, making them look happy and healthy.

Step four: Get excited for some sun   

We’ve got a little way to go before we reach the warmer months, but there’s no harm in preparing your houseplants for this year’s growing season. We’ve got everything you need to have a successful season, browse our plant care collection for further advice and inspiration!

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