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Remarkable Alocasia at House of Kojo

The remarkable Alocasia, also known as Elephant’s Ear, Kris Plant or African Mask (due to its resemblance to hand-carved ceremonial masks), is a real tropical superstar. Originating from tropical and subtropical parts of Asia and Eastern Australia, there are 79 known species of Alocasia, and some varieties boast leaves that can grow up to almost three feet in length. Because, like you, we love adding unique additions to our urban jungle, we are offering 2 for 1 on all Alocasia this Friday!

With their enormous, unique and beautifully formed heart-shaped leaves, it’s plain to see how it was nicknamed ‘Elephant’s Ear’. Fans of Alocasia will know that their striking foliage and structural form is specifically something to shout home about. A truly decorative piece, an Alocasia is guaranteed to bring a tropical aesthetic straight to your space.

At House of Kojo HQ, we have a superb collection of Alocasia for you to take advantage of on our 2 for 1 offer, including the Alocasia Zebrina, Stingray, Pink Dragon, Polly and more! However, if you’re seeking a rare and unusual species of Alocasia, we also have the Alocasia Melo, Little Zebrina and Platinum in stock and all included in our Kojo Friday offer!

For those of you who like to upload photos of their house plants to the gram, or if you’re just looking to inject some serious tropic, glamour-chic aesthetic into your space; we have plenty of Alocasia Micholitziana Frydek Green Velvet in stock - looking for their forever homes.

This house plant can be quite fussy, however. Thriving conditions include a moderately bright spot with no direct sunlight. Help them to reach their potential by placing your HoK Alocasia near a north facing window ledge, so it is not exposed to harsh, mid-day light. This plant doesn’t enjoy lower light conditions, so make sure it’s in a spot that feels very bright. An Alocasia really appreciates humidity, so a very bright corner in your bathroom should satisfy their lighting needs.

As for watering requirements, ensure their soil is kept moist throughout. It’s best not to let the soil dry out completely between watering. So, to gauge if it needs a drink, check the very top surface layer of the soil, and if that’s dry, your Alocasia is ready for water!

C’mon, you know you want to treat yourself this weekend with our 2 for 1 on all Alocasia offer this Friday! Browse our cracking collection here.

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