Spooktacular Halloween Plants at House of Kojo!

Spooktacular Halloween Plants at House of Kojo!

Tis' the season to be freaky, House of Kojo fans! Halloween is creeping upon us which means only one thing - to get your well-deserved talons on our recommended frightening foliage to help you go green this season. We’ve got plenty in stock for you to peek your eyes on. 

More importantly, to help you go ghoulishly green this Halloween, the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) are encouraging people to dec out their homes and workplaces with spooky house plants, instead of traditional plastic decorations. We think this is a fang-tastic idea here at House of Kojo! So instead of heading to the ghostery store for your decorations, creep it real and browse our fearsomely good collection of house plants this Halloween. To get your Halloween party started, set the stage with our top picks for this season:

Philodendron Prince of Orange

With its contrasting deep and light tones of orange, this Philodendron prince screams Halloween and autumnal decorative vibes! Better yet, it’s not devilishly hard to take care of either. It prefers bright but indirect light and tolerates a low humidity environment. This one is a showstopper, so would look gourd-geous placed somewhere it could easily get its freak on.

Microsorum Crocodyllus Crocodile Fern

This house plant is bound to creep your cat out with its freaky, reptile-like foliage! Not only would it look spook-tacular in your home but is also a great addition to your fern collection. They usually enjoy bright but indirect sunlight, but on this occasion, they would happily tolerate the eerie Halloween night light!

Devils Ivy (Epipremnum Aureum)

Not only is its name terrifyingly appropriate, but this house plant is worth getting your claws on because it’s low maintenance and excruciatingly hard to kill. To create a spooky effect, simply allow your Devils Ivy to climb and creep over a high self or unit. With its glossy green leaves splattered with yellow, this one is sure to bring all the werewolves to the bar at your Halloween gathering!

Ghouls just want to have fun this Halloween, and so do houseplants! Browse our creepy collection to help you and your witches go green and spooky this season. 

Happy Howl-o-ween! 🎃

The Kojo Team

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