Ficus FAQ's

How often should I water my ficus?

During growing season keep your ficus in moist soil and water about once a week. During its dormant season you may only need to water once or twice a month. If they leaves begin to droop give it a drink. 

How much light does my ficus need?

Ficus love bright indirect sunlight, they usually like to be near a south or east facing window. Put them in a bright spot away from direct light.

How do I repot my ficus?

Ficus like to be in a potting mix that can hold moisture but is also well draining. Regular houseplant potting mix would work well, you can also add in bark or perlite to help aerate the soil. 

How do I propagate my ficus?

The simplest method to propagate your ficus is by popping a small branch from your ficus into some potting mix and wait for it to root. 

Why is my ficus dropping leaves?

Ficus can drop leaves if they are in too much darkness, place your ficus in a brighter spot in your home. A ficus dropping leaves can also indicate it is ready to be repotted and has outgrown the current pot. 

Why are the edges of my ficus browning?

This is usually a sign of a watering issue, perhaps too much or not enough. Try not to let your ficus dry out completely, but also do not allow it to sit in water as this can lead to root rot. 

What are the small white spots on my ficus?

These spots are normal for a ficus and do not cause any harm. They are caused by cells bursting that contain calcium carbonate. 

Are ficus toxic to cats and dogs?

Yes ficus is toxic to animals.