Blumat Classic | Simple Self-Watering System - House of Kojo
Blumat Classic | Simple Self-Watering System - House of Kojo
Blumat Classic | Simple Self-Watering System - House of Kojo
Blumat Classic | Simple Self-Watering System - House of Kojo
Blumat Classic | Simple Self-Watering System - House of Kojo
Blumat Classic | Simple Self-Watering System - House of Kojo

Blumat Classic | Simple Self-Watering System

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🌿 Product Information

Going away for a few days and worried about keeping your plants watered? This Blumat product is for you, giving you slow drip irrigation to your plants keeping them topped off when you are away from home. 

Just connect the hose to a container of water, push the stake into your plant's soil medium, and relax as the Blumat drip feeds your plants. The larger the water container, the longer your plants will be self-watered.

How it Works

With Blumat Classic, indoor plants get the amount of water they need, regardless of whether it’s sunny or shady. The water is drawn from a container of your choice through a thin tube and released directly through the clay cone into the soil.

As the soil dries, the tension in the soil sucks water out of the clay cone, this suction power in turn pulls water from the container. Once the soil is moist, the soil tension is reduced and water release stops.

With this method of irrigation, the plant and soil are in control of how much water they need. No more guesswork, just healthy plants! All you need to do is keep the water container topped up, so the plant and soil remain in optimum health.

The standard Blumat Classic releases 50-150ml of water every 24 hours, depending on how wet or dry the soil is.

The Blumat Classic XL with larger clay cone releases 75-200ml of water per 24 hours and is ideal for thirsty indoor plants or plants in larger pots.

How to Use

It doesn’t matter how many plants you have; installation is quick and easy. You simply fill Blumat Classic with water, let it soak for 15 mins, then insert it into the soil. Place the suction tube in a water container and the automatic watering system is ready to use.

Ideal for Holiday Time

The volume of water released from the Blumat Classic can be adjusted by simply lowering or raising the water container.

Please note: Blumat classics can only draw water from a water level no greater than 30cm below the green cap.

For large plant pots you can use several Blumat Classics, or Blumat Classic XL units.

The size listed is the diameter of the nursery pot. To ensure your decorative pot fits the plant, ensure the diameter is at least 2cm larger than the nursery pot size.

6cm - Baby Plant

9cm to 12cm - Small Plant

13cm to 15cm - Medium Plant

16cm to 19cm - Large Plant

21cm+ - XL Plant

Live Arrival Guarantee

All of the plants at House of Kojo are sold with our live arrival guarantee, which guarantees the health of every plant that we deliver. Our team of passionate plant people takes pride and care in ensure the safe and healthy arrival of your plants.

Should you encounter any issues with an order, simply contact our customer support team at within 7 days of receiving your order. To streamline the process, please provide your order number, full name, and several clear photos of the damaged plant.

Please be aware that compensation cannot be guaranteed if contacting outside of the 7 day period. This is because we can not guarantee the care and environment the plant has been kept in. Repotting your plant within this time frame will also void our guarantee.

Remember: plants are a product of Nature. Therefore, they will always exhibit natural variations in colours, shapes and even spots. Our guarantee does not cover these natural variations and imperfections. 

House of Kojo will not be responsible for products mishandled by customers.  It is the customer's responsibility to know how to properly care for the products they are ordering. 

House of Kojo cannot accept claims or returns where customers have re-potted or pruned plants.

House of Kojo cannot be responsible for quality of plants in the event of a missed delivery by the customer or by contact details or addresses entered incorrectly during the ordering process. Our guarantee also does not cover parcels that have been left in an outdoor setting by DPD at the customers request. 

Due to the perishable nature of the goods, House of Kojo cannot issue refunds on plants returned to us due to multiple missed deliveries or non collection from DPD Pickup Shops.

Repeated Returns

We offer a return and refund policy on undamaged items. We also monitor the frequency of returns made by customers and continued returns will be flagged. At our discretion this may lead to the closure of your account and future orders being refused.

Missing Plants 

In the event that part of your order is missing, notify us immediately by email. House of Kojo will check to verify the packing of your box. If there is a discrepancy, House of Kojo will replace the item, stock permitting, or otherwise reimburse the full value of the missing item(s).

Payment and Cancellations

Card payments are charged at the moment of placing the order. Cancellations will be credited back to the charged card. Any cancellation may be subject to a processing fee of 5% of your total bill. No cancellations can be accepted if an order is already in fulfilment. 


We offer free mainland delivery on all orders over £60

All plants are shipped using express next day services with DPD, UPS, Parcelforce and Royal Mail.

We offer economy shipping (3-5 day dispatch) and standard delivery (1-3 day dispatch).

For guaranteed next day dispatch please selected Express shipping at checkout available at an additional cost.

For a full breakdown of shipping prices please see our help center here.

Winter shipping is available in the winter months at an additional cost and includes heatpacks and thermal insulation where necessary.

For more information, please see our comprehensive shipping FAQs

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