5 ways to celebrate National Houseplant Week

5 ways to celebrate National Houseplant Week

National Houseplant Week 2024 is here, and it's a time to dive into the joy of everything houseplant-related!

As The Plant Parlour explains, 'UK Houseplant Week is a chance for plant lovers to show their passion for all things green and tropical. It’s about sharing knowledge and appreciation for the foliage we keep inside our homes.'

Whether you're an expert plant parent or just starting your plant journey, we've got five simple and fun ways for you to celebrate and connect with nature during this special week.

🎊 Gift Someone a Plant

This week is all about sharing the plant joy! Why not gift a potted plant to a friend, family member, or colleague? It's a thoughtful and eco-friendly gesture that brightens their space and fosters a shared love for houseplants. 

🎊 Learn How to Look After a Plant You Currently Own

When it comes to houseplant collecting, sometimes it's easy to get drawn into buying lots of plants without fully learning how to take care of them. Take a moment to focus on your existing plant pals. Learn their proper care requirements and research their specific needs, from watering schedules to preferred light conditions. Understanding their unique requirements not only enhances their well-being but also deepens your appreciation for their wonderful characteristics.

🎊 Propagate Your Current Plants

Get your hands a little dirty and try your hand at plant propagation! Pick a healthy plant in your collection and explore different propagation methods, such as stem cuttings or leaf propagation. Not only does propagation let you expand your green family, but it also brings a sense of accomplishment as you witness new growth. Click here for more help on how to propagate. 

🎊 Share Your Favourite Plants with us on Socials

Share your favourite plant babies with us on Instagram, TikTok, Threads, Pinterest or Facebook. Use trending hashtags like #UKHouseplantWeek, #NationalHouseplantWeek, #HouseplantWeek, and #houseofkojo to get your posts seen by fellow houseplant parents! 



🎊 Plant Shopping!

Treat yourself to a plant shopping spree at the House of Kojo! National Houseplant Week is the perfect excuse to add a new member to your plant family. Whether you're looking for a statement piece or a unique species to challenge your green thumb, we have a large range of plants and plant collections, including pink plants, pet-friendly plants, easy-care plants and hanging plants. Browse our full collection here and find your new favourite houseplant today!

Our Kojo must-have plant for National Houseplant Week 2024 has to be this Philodendron Lacerum - £54.99.

Got another way to celebrate National Houseplant Week? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

Happy National Houseplant Week everyone! 💚

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