The 2023 gift guide for houseplant lovers

The 2023 gift guide for houseplant lovers

With Christmas right around the corner, we're on a mission to help find the perfect gift for that special houseplant lover in your life. From fun(gi) Mushroom Kits to the houseplant of Christmas 2023, our curated gift collection has pretty much everything they could need! 🎁

Let's dive right in shall we?

Grow Your Own Mushroom Kit

Our friends over at Yorkshire Mushroom Emporium and GrowTropicals have collaborated to create a special festive Grey Oyster Mushroom Kit. They're a delicious and educational gift suitable for all ages. Our team have loved growing flavourful mushrooms at home.

Mushrooms with Christmas dinner? Count us in! 

Kits start at just £21.99 → 

Houseplant Books

Our ever-growing collection books make an informational and illustrative gift choice for those wanting to learn more about the world of houseplants. Whether for identification, care tips, or to immerse in the beauty of foliage, our books have it all.  Oh, and they look super stylish surrounded by houseplants! 🌿

Dive into the collection here → 

Houseplant Gardner in a Box

Author, journalist, podcaster, and now houseplant-gardener-in-a-box, Jane Perrone answers all these questions and hundreds more. Drawing on years of experience and research, her cards provide sensible, practical and inspiring advice. The accompanying book will guide you through the process of selecting plants, and Cody Bond's beautiful illustrations will inspire you along the way.

Find out more  

Plant Pots and Planters

One thing plant lovers never have enough of is plant pots (trust us, we know the pain!) Our large stock of planters and plant pots features high quality pots from Bergs Potters, EcoPots, Bloomingville, and more.

Browse our planter collection  

Houseplants (of course!)

The Venus fly trap steals the spotlight as the 'it' plant for Christmas 2023. Explore the world of carnivorous plants with the Dionaea Muscipula Venus Fly Trap, an intriguing addition to any collection. 

View all carnivorous plants → 

Houseplant Potting Mix 

This specially curated blend is a secret weapon for nurturing indoor plants, balancing nutrients, moisture, and aeration essential for plant health. When it comes to repotting season next spring, you're planty pal will be jumping for joy having this potting mix around!

Learn more  

Houseplant Wall Art 

We've recently expanded our gift collection to include these beautiful prints designed by MikiRoseHome, an independent artist based in Cornwall. The collection features top-quality art prints that would make a beautiful statement piece in any room, starting at just £15.00. 

Shop the full MikiRoseHome Collection  

E-Gift Cards

Can't decide? Give the gift of choice with our E-Gift Cards. Let your loved ones pick from our huge range of houseplants!


Choose from £10 all the way up to £100  

We hope this gift guide helps make this Christmas one to remember. The House of Kōjō team wish you joyous Christmas and a very happy New Year! ❤️ 🌿

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