What soil is best for my houseplant?

What soil is best for my houseplant?

The sweet scent of summer is in the air, which means one thing here at House of Kojo. It’s repotting season! When it comes to repotting, there's one vital repotting ingredient we can't overlook - the soil.

Here at Kojo, we get it. Finding the perfect soil for your houseplants can be a difficult task. That's why we stock GrowTropicals' full range of specialist houseplant soils and components, designed to simplify plant care.

Take a look at some of our favourites below!

Simply Houseplant Mix

Talk about no fuss, all thrive! Simply Houseplant Potting Mix is made for your average home environment and humidity, providing your houseplant roots with just the right conditions for them to thrive without the fuss. This soil mix is perfect for CalatheaKentia Palm and Aeschynanthus.

Monstera and Philodendron Potting Mix

Here at the Kojo nursery, we love sourcing rare and unusual Monstera and Philodendrons. They deserve a soil blend that's as luxurious as their foliage, right? The light and airy mix allows for maximum oxygen exchange whilst retaining a lot of moisture, ensuring a healthy root system whilst avoiding rot. 

Worm castings in the mix add all the essential nutrients and trace minerals that your plants require and so this is a sure-fire way to start your plants off in the right way. 

Houseplants such as Monstera deliciosa thai constellation, Philodendron gloriosum and Philodendron pink princess love this blend!

Alocasia Potting Mix

Alocasias are known for having very delicate roots. Therefore, they require a soil blend that caters to their specific requirements. GrowTropicals' Alocasia Mix is designed for greater moisture retention with a higher ratio of coco coir and husk, alongside vermiculite. These ingredients maintain the high moisture levels that Alocasia roots need. We would highly recommend this substrate mix for all Alocasia, in particular Alocasia frydek variegataAlocasia silver dragon and Alocasia zebrina.

Hoya Potting Mix

This potting mix is a light and airy substrate meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of these charming plants. Composed of tree fern, bark, perlite, pumice, charcoal, and coco husk, this blend is a real game-changer for Hoya lovers!

Desert Mix

Designed specifically for cacti and succulents, Desert Mix offers the perfect balance of maximum drainage and just enough water retention to promote healthy root growth without the risk of root rot. Composed of calcined molar clay, fine bark, sand, and pumice, this peat-free mix ensures your desert plants receive the optimal environment they need to thrive. 

Say goodbye to soggy soil woes and welcome your desert darlings to a world of premium potting perfection with this cacti and succulent potting mix!

It's loved by EuphorbiaString of Pearls and Adenium.

With our carefully curated selection of potting mixes, repotting your houseplants has never been easier or more rewarding. Explore our full repotting collection and give your green companions the love they deserve. 

View the full repotting collection here.

Happy repotting! 🌿✨

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