Valentine's Day gifts for houseplant lovers ❤️


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As Valentine's Day approaches, the quest for the perfect gift to express your love is on. Whether your special someone has a green thumb or is new to houseplants, we've got you covered with a selection that's sure to make hearts bloom.

Did you know that around 570 tonnes of roses are shipped to the UK each February? In a world where sustainability matters, we're ditching the cut flowers with houseplants that not only can last a lifetime, but also contribute to a greener planet.

Here are just a handful of our top picks for Valentine's Day 2024.

Anthurium Andraeanum x 'Black Love'  ❤️

Say goodbye to fleeting bouquets and embrace the Anthurium Andraeanum x 'Black Love.' With glossy heart-shaped leaves and vibrant red flowers, this exotic beauty not only captures the essence of love but also stands as a sustainable and enduring symbol of your commitment.

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    Variegated String of Hearts  ❤️

    For a gift that trails down like the vines on Juliet's balcony, the Variegated String of Hearts is a perfect choice. Its delicate heart-shaped leaves trail gracefully, adding a touch of nature to your loved one's space.

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      Hoya Kerrii  ❤️

      Dubbed the "Lucky Heart," the Hoya Kerrii is a charming succulent with a singular heart shaped leave - what's not to love! In some countries, these leaves are said to symbolise good fortune. This year, we're delighted to be offering a stunning variegated Hoya Kerrii Variegated too.

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      Ficus Elastica Belize Ruby  ❤️

      Choose a gift that keeps on giving with the Ficus Elastica Belize Ruby. This low maintenance hardy rubber plant not only adds a burst of romance with its rich, burgundy-toned leaves but adds a touch of glamour into any room. 


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        Valentine's Day gifts for houseplant lovers (that aren't plants!)  ❤️

        If you're hesitant about caring for a plant or need an extra gift for your Valentine's Day hamper, we've got you covered. Shop our collection of art prints to add a touch of beauty to your loved one's space or consider gifting a houseplant book, providing inspiration and knowledge for both avid plant collectors and beginners. 

        Shop our Valentine's Day collection now and let the love grow this February. ❤️