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Our favourite variegated houseplants

Variegation within plants can be produced in multiple different ways, and different colours and is also shown through different areas of a plant from the leaves, to its stem, to the flowers. Variegation is a lack or loss of Chlorophyll and some forms of plants are naturally variegated, passed from plant to plant such as the Snake Plants or Ficus rubber plant. Whereas other variegation is a natural mutation which doesn’t happen in every plant, such as the Monstera Deliciosa Variegated variety.

Naturally, genetic mutations are important in plants to help influence the longevity to plant species, adapting to climate change or other environmental conditions. However, this can also be a negative and this genetic mutation can be quickly removed through natural selection.

Some of these rarer plants such as the Monstera Deliciosa Variegated variety have a slower growth rate to the original species due to their lack of chlorophyll, the slower growth rate and un-predictability of variegation cause the higher prices for these rarer variegated plants.

Here at House of Kojo, we embrace the natural element of variegation and adore the magical touch of variety that it can bring.

Here are some of our favourites:

Syngonium Albo

A member of the Araceae family, the Syngonium species is a much loved, easy to care for, and fast-growing house plant. It has a vast array of varieties but the beloved albo variegated variety has been a hot trend must-have for the last couple of years with no sign of slowing down. Grown up a moss stick the aerial roots of a syngonium take hold and within low to medium light and a warm climate they will thrive.

Fatsia Japonica Variegated

In comparison to the Calathea, the Fatsia Japonica Variegated is a hardy plant that can be grown both indoors and out. It is classified as a shrub which flowers during the autumnal months. For the months where it doesn’t flower the variegated leaves adds an eye-catching foliage. If you are a first-time house plant collector and want to explore the world of variegated plants then the Japonica is definitely the one for you.

Calathea White Fusion

The Calathea White Fusion is a whirlwind of beauty, with a swirled marbled array of greens and whites. Each leaf provides its own unique pattern which is no doubt why it is such a sought after plant. Adding to the pop of colour the Calathea White Fusion has a purple underside which is displayed when the Calathea is lacking water. The White Fusion is a delicate plant, and needs to be nurtured. The white variegation can easily burn and fade if left in direct sunshine. Make sure to keep the Calathea’s soil damp at all times, but not let it sit within a tray of water.


    Senecio Rowleyanus String of Pearls Variegated

    For the hanging plant lovers the String of Pearls Variegated is a must for your wish list. This trailing succulent is gorgeous without variegation, appearing in the form of a draped pear necklaces. Yet with the addition of white variegation there is even more of a unique twist to this plant. String of Pearls love bright light and they even don’t mind full direct sunlight unlike many variegated varieties so would sit perfectly hung high near a window.

      Monstera Deliciosa Variegated

      The highly sought after rare Monstera Deliciosa Variegated, a true Instagram famous plant, is an absolute talking point for any room. Its common name, the Swiss Cheese Plant, is an easy plant to pick up in most stores yet its rare variegated variety is hard to find. Its white variegation can burn in direct sunlight so make sure it is placed in a bright but indirect light spot. 


        Philodendron Burle Marx Variegated

        Variegation of the Philodendron Burle Marx Variegated is a stunning sunshine yellow that is mottled across the glossy leaves, often displayed in large bright yellow patches upon the heart-shaped narrow leaves. Philodendrons are an ideal easy plant to look after, that can survive in medium to low light.

        No matter which plant takes your fancy, variegation is something that cannot be taken for granted. Its spectacular patterns and textural formations can be marvelled over for hours.

        View our full collection of variegated houseplants here.

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