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Style Guide: Perfecting Your Bohemian Décor with BHS

Boho interior design isn’t just a style, rather a feeling. The easy-going, relaxing vibes of Bohemian homes are what makes this décor as effective as we know it to be. Whether you’re going for the refined look with a modern flair, or perhaps an authentic Persian-inspired interior, house plants are a necessity. Carry on reading to hear our top tips on mastering this interior trend with plants and lighting!

The Fundamentals of Bohemian Décor when Styling

Colour is a huge factor of Bohemian design. Neutral shades command the palette of this trend, with warm earthy hues beautifully accentuating a few metallic tones. Deep browns, creamy off-whites and shades of grey should be the foundation layer of your palette. From here, it’s easy to build up the style with a handful of statement colours such as bright purples, burnt orange and forest green. The combination of these tones creates a contrasting scheme that’s eye-catching and imbeds a truly cosy, inviting atmosphere.

Texture is another key factor. Too much of one texture should be avoided, so play around with the materials within your home. Wooden elements such as bed frames, shelves and storage units bring an earthy tone to the room while contrasting the softer textures. Bedding, blankets and throws are all ways of incorporating softer touches. Get creative with linen, faux furs, cotton and wool for smaller details. This creates a dynamic atmosphere ideal for maintaining a relaxing mood.

Finally, layering. Layering the colours and materials ensures a smooth, cohesive style throughout the home. A zen den is exactly the atmosphere you wish to achieve here. A great way to layer décor is through lighting. Statement lighting, accent lighting and mood lighting all bring different effects to your room, so layering these can help when implementing a more dynamic appearance.

You Can Never Have Enough Plants

Boho is a nature-loving trend, and no Bohemian home could be complete without a large variety of decorative greenery. The more eclectic the better! With House of Kojo’s unique variety of house plants from across the world, you’re in the right place for plants.

One recommendation we have is combining a variety of plants in one room. Floor standing plant pots, a few decorative table plants and maybe some hanging plants bring the greenery up and throughout the décor – blending it seamlessly into the room.

The Kentia Palm is a great choice for a floor-based plant. Large, exotic leaves radiate vibrant green colours that brightens up your décor beautifully. These low-maintenance options are also great for homes with pets!

Perfect for decorating your tables, desks or even windowsills, the Maranta Prayer Plant brings the tropical aesthetic straight to your space. The large, curved leaves feature a beautiful range of green hues accentuated by a dusky pink root. The unique design makes for an eye-catching display that is bound to impress any house guest.

Finally, the String of Hearts has a stylish hanging effect ideal for draping over shelves or taller furniture pieces. This deeper coloured plant has a unique, natural charm – ideal for bringing the essence of nature to your room.

Lighting Your Boho Haven

The Bohemian style has a soothing energy that can be perfectly enhanced by lighting, with a statement fitting pulling your décor together. BHS’ Rattan Tall Dome Easyfit Shade in bleached neutral is perfect for this, accenting your room with a trendy rattan style while complementing the overall neutral colour scheme.

Macrame is also a great choice! This softer material allows you to create a cosier atmosphere, great for rooms such as your bedroom where you can unwind at the end of the night. These easy to fit ceiling shades are perfect when redecorating your home as they can attach to any existing light fitting with ease!

As mentioned earlier, subtle pops of colour throughout your rooms can help elevate your interior style with a more eclectic theme. Accent lighting is ideal for this, creating smaller decorative additions that also act as a practical feature. The Velvet Table Lamp in teal and brass is a great example of this, with a stunning green tone complementing your décor as the warm light within illuminates the brassy base. This would make a great addition to your bedside, or perhaps any living room side tables.

Playing with texture, a deep brown wood can really emphasise the vibrancy of the room, contrasting the colourful backdrop with its natural essence. The BHS Scott Tripod Floor Lamp in dark brown features a beautiful neutral-toned drum base that diffuses the light within and illuminates your space with a much softer glow. The ambience fills your room, embodying the classical Bohemian feeling.

Find Your Ideal Décor

We hope you enjoyed this unique styling guide! The Bohemian interior trend is a stunning design that looks great in any home, so use all the steps above to play around with the style and find your ideal décor. For great blog content about all things plants, read more of the House of Kojo blog. Additionally, check out the BHS blog, where you can get up to date styling advice on the hottest interior trends, and the most beautiful range of lighting to match.

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