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Caring for your houseplants over the summer months

Battling a Summer heatwave isn't always easy on your houseplants. The unusually high temperatures can sometimes be a shock to the system! So here's some handy tips to keep your plants looking and feeling healthy this Summer!

Water! Seems like an obvious start but don't forget most plants require more watering in the Summer. While we still need to be cautious about over watering, the heat in the Summer causes their soil to dry out much quicker. Most tropical plants like to be watered once the top soil feels dry, about 1-2 inches. But if you're unsure a moisture meter can also be useful! Make sure your plant has sufficient drainage or you could water from the bottom using a saucer. 

Humidity! Really boosting your humidity throughout the Summer can make your plants thrive! Misting over the leaves of your plants frequently promotes humidity. You could even try popping them on a pebble tray topped up with water!

Shade! Most plants do very well in bright indirect sun, but don't forget the can benefit from shade also. Tropical plants grow in the natural habitat with dabbled sunlight from under the rain forest canopy. Too much sun can cause your plants leaves to scorch. 

Avoid re-potting in extreme heat! Generally it's best to re-pot in Spring, re-potting can cause a certain level of stress to your plants so it's best to not add to the stress by doing this while the temperatures are high!

Try to keep conditions cool! I'm sure we're all trying to keep our homes as cool as possible, but your plants will appreciate this too! Keeping your windows closed during the hottest parts of the day will serve your plants and yourselves well!

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