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What is so special about a Thai Constellation?


Rare and Unusual plants is still a buzz word among plant collectors. The great thing is that prices and availability of some plants are now accessible for those who want to enjoy the beauty of them.  They are still pricey compared to a Spider Plant, but not like they were years ago which means anyone can add it to their houseplant collection.   The Thai Constellation is a sought-after exotic plant that is probably on every passionate collector’s list. They fit the rare and unusual description, but they are widely available and the price although still expensive, more reasonable than they once were.

Why and what is the difference between the Thai Constellation and the Variegated Monstera Albo? The Thai Constellation has a unique colour pattern that is exceedingly rare and difficult to replicate and because of this, makes it more expensive is the easy answer. They are slower growing than the Albo which means it takes longer to propagate from a mature plant. Albo cuttings and plants are widely available throughout different marketplaces and once they take off there is not stopping them. For this to happen with the Thai Constellation takes longer.

I think the main difference is the foliage. With an Albo, the variegation is almost always white. It is beautiful and the variations of the variegation are so unpredictable, but it is generally green and white. If you have one and you see a new leaf unfurling, you know the wait is gut-wrenching.  Sometimes the leaf is a half-moon, or you may have a completely white or green leaf or even those lovely, speckled spots. You just want to know what it is going to look like. Too many green leaves can dominate the plant, but not enough will leave you with white leaves that die from the lack of chlorophyll. There is also the distance of the notes and shape of the leaves. The leaves of the Albo are more elongated, and the nodes tend to be about 15cm apart.  We can consider this a climber as it tends to grow upwards.

The Thai Constellation is different in that it has a more stable variegation. They have a yellow colour that ends up more evenly scattered against the green leaf that is in the form of stripes or spots. The leaves do not end up being completely green or yellow, but a nice combination of both. Sometimes what can evolve into a cream or yellow colour which gives this plant more character. The Thai Constellation generally also has larger leaves that can reach over a meter in length. This plant has short internodes which makes it bushier, but with the larger leaves it looks more spread out.  You will need more space, but pruning can help you control the size and maybe even make a few plant babies.

House of Kojo have the Albo available as a larger plant and the Thai Constellation babies. If you have any questions about either plant or would like to pick your own, please contact us by emailing or phoning our office.   We are more than happy to help you find your perfect plant.

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